How Is Temperature and Humidity Testing Useful?

Percept has a variety of environmental chambers for temperature and humidity tests.Excessive temperature is the main cause of failure in most types of equipment. Temperature and humidity testing is used to determine the thermal limits of operation of units. It’s also important in verifying the cause of early life failures. Verifying internal cooling/heating design parameters is another reason to conduct temperature and humidity tests.

Percept can test your product across its entire temperature and humidity specification.    Call today for your               FREE Consultation!                  303.444.7480                                                        Back to                             Product                       Performance We can ensure it will perform properly in all possible environmental conditions. Our chambers produce constant or cycling temperatures ranging from -150 F to + 350 F to test either operating or non-operating units. Humidity can be varied with temperature. Automated controllers deliver around the clock documented data.

Multiple combinations of humidity, altitude, and temperature are available. We also offer greater temperature extremes for specialized tests to meet your specific needs.

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