Improvements From Field Failure Data | Failure Analysis 

By conducting a failure analysis of these cell phones, Percept was able to determine the root cause was not the cigarette lighter charger itself; This video actually shows the root cause was the result of overcharging a lithium ion battery used in these cell phones.

Your product is available to buy in stores, online, etc… It’s available to the customer. Now, you are receiving information from the field… field failure data.... you may find yourself wondering, "What exactly does this mean?" This is why Percept offers Improvements From Field Failure Data.

By analyzing your failure information, we can help you determine the root cause of the failures like manufacturing tolerances, soldering issues, design flaws, etc. What if the failure's root cause is simply a poor choice of battery for your product? Or what if an accessory, like a cell phone charger, is actually root cause of the failure? By understanding the amount of exposure, you can make informed decisions that may reduce warranty costs and company reputation. 

Finally, Percept can help you understand why these failures are happening and offer suggestions for improvements and/or preventative measures. Is the reason it's failing because of the phone carger itself or could it be the lithium ion battery is overcharging? Sometimes the root cause of a product failure isn't very obvious. 

What Are the Benefits?

  • By understanding risk, you have the ability to make informed decisions
  • Save money by reducing warranty costs
  • Ensure customer satisfaction  and company reputation by providing your customers with great quality product from beginning to the end of the product’s lifetime


  • Analysis of field failure data
  • Determination of root cause
  • Mitigation and suggestions for improvement and preventative measures


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