What is Electrostatic Discharge – ESD Testing?

ESD Testing is a means to understand how, should a product cause electrostatic to build and then discharges when someone picks it up, the discharge will disrupt the electric circuitry of a device. Not only can it be harmful to the electronic product, the person that picked up the device could get hurt. ESD testing can be used to find a more reliable and less volatile components of static electricity that can be used in the design of an electronics device.

ESD Testing can be used for reliability purposes as well as for compliance requirements.Percept offers a suite of engineering tests used to assess a product’s readiness for the market which include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • EMC Emissions Scan and Pre-scans
  • ESD Testing

These suite of tests are designed to uncover weaknesses in the electronics device that can usually be attributed to design mistakes. The key is to find these mistakes early enough in the development process without major impact to production scheduling and budget. In most cases, products will fail the first time before a product is altered because a test has revealed something that was inadequate      Call today for your             FREE Consultation!                 303.444.7480                                                            Back to                  EMC Diagnosis & Mitigation

ESD Certification

Electronics products must be tested for electrostatic discharge prior to being sold and cannot legally be sold without an ESD certification, among other EMC tests. ESD testing can be used for reliability purposes as well as for compliance requirements. Company management and government agencies will require a product passes a suite of tests – whether it is reliability or compliance tests.

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