As an engineering partner, Percept can develop a product verification test plan, provide test execution and analyze results. This allows our customers to focus on the form and function of their product. Percept's product verification provides timely data during all phases of the product development cycle that is critical in making decisions about the products being released to the marketplace.

The focus of our product verification testing is getting products shipped on time and with confidence. We have been performing product testing since 1996. This expertise allows customers to have confidence with us and continue focus on their design in order to meet their shipment deadlines.

Engineering Verification Testing (EVT)

Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) is a specific product verification test performed on prototypes to verify the design meets desired product specifications and performance. EVT consists of basic functional tests, parametric measurements and specification verification.

Percept offers Quick Design Verification Tests (Q-DVT) for a fast, first look that helps uncover high impact design weaknesses early in the product development cycle. The Q-DVT is especially useful in rapid prototyping or quick response products for which EVT or DVT is not feasible. Q-DVT is a reliability risk assessment tool that can locate weaknesses and recommend potential changes to improve the product. Q-DVT includes an operational temperature test, an operational vibration test, and an Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) test. These tests together reduce the field failure rates and incidence of "non-repeatable" or "no trouble found" problems.    Call today for your           FREE Consultation!      303.444.7480    

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Design Verification Testing (DVT)

After prototyping, the product is moved to the next phase of the design cycle: Design Refinement. Engineers revise and improve the design to meet performance and design requirements and specifications. Design Verification Testing (DVT) is specific product verification tests performed to deliver objective, comprehensive testing verifying the following:

  • All products specifications
  • Interface standards
  • OEM requirements
  • Diagnostic commands

DVT is an intensive testing program consisting of five areas of testing:

  • Functional Testing (including usability)
  • Performance Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Product Reliability Testing
  • Product Regulatory Compliance Testing

Process (or Pilot) Verification Testing (PVT)

When the product moves to production phase, the Process (or Pilot) Verification Test (PVT) is used. The PVT is a subset of the Design Verification Test (DVT) performed on pre-production or production units. The purpose is to verify the design has been correctly implemented into production.

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