Why Percept to help learn more about your product?

Percept offers an engineering partnership throughout all stages of the product development cycle.Located in Boulder, CO since 1996, Percept's experts have been providing accurate, unbiased facts about products. We will reveal underlying aspects of a product that may affect the overall reliability or prevent obtaining global certifications. With the enhancement and reliance of soical media, it is even more crucial to know everything about your product's funtionality and dependability before it gets into the hands of your customers. 

  • One Stop Engineering and Product Testing

Perceptt's experts have multiple areas of specialty, such as HALT, EMC testing, diagnosis and mitigation and design verification testing. With over 35 years of experience, we are able to extend our knowledge and skill to enhancing your product. Due our varied test capabilities, Percept is the one stop shop for engineering and product testing.

  • Flexibility & Time

Percept relieves the burden from your engineering team, allowing them to focus on the next best product. We become an extension of your own team throughout the development process... reducing the time (and costs) involved to get your product launched. Our lab provides felixbile scheduling and acceptable turn-around times. Call today for a              FREE Consultation!                   303.444.7480                                                    To Product Solutions 

  • Cost Effective

Building your own chambers and spectrums or purchasing your own environmental chambers can be very costly. Many places allow you to rent chamber time, at a cost of pricing and tightened schedule. In addition, most times they hand you a chart or report and send you on your way. Percept presents an approach to obtaining the necessary equipment, along with solutions to any issues that may arise. 

Failing formal compliance testing is not only expensivebut shipment delays are inevitable. In preparation to formal certifications, we provide mitigation and retesting to prevent surprises just before the finished product goes to market. 

Percept offers a customer satisfaction guarantee....

Percept's ultimate goal is to get the product information you need to know in your hands quickly. The more you know, the better your product will be. We strive to see you meet your shipment deadline on time with confidence!



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