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Percept uses Compliance Crisis Management to diagnose the problem areas in your product, which will prevent you from meeting regulatory compliance requirements.Often, during development, the main focus is on a product's performance, reliability, form and function. Compliance seems to be the last on everyone's list.... until it comes time to launch. Then, companies go into "crisis mode" trying to find a quick way to get a certified lab to do their testing so they can legally sell. Often, if compliance has been forgotten along the development process, a failure is more inevitable than passing. Percept uses Compliance Crisis Management to diagnose the problem areas in your product. Once we know the areas of concern, we begin mitigation and continue repeating the process until we are able to define options for permanent solutions.       Call today for your            FREE Consultation!             303.444.7480                                                              Back to Stage 4: Validation

Having these defined options showing the effects of each potential change allows you to make informed decisions on how to proceed through the compliance process, and ensure quality and success in the marketplace. 

Percept’s Compliance Crisis Management is more than just a simple EMC test report you can purchase at any certified lab. Rather than executing an EMC test, reporting that you failed and sending you on your way with several questions and a state of “where do I begin?”

What Are the Benefits?

  • Saves valuable engineering time allowing your engineers to work on other tasks in order to meet deadlines
  • Reduces risk so that there are no unexpected surprises at formal testing
  • Avoids schedule slips in order to get your product to market faster
  • Saves MONEY 


  • Initial EMC test to determine the baseline.
  • Diagnosis of deficiencies.
  • Mitigation – making adjustments and taking readings to determine all options.
  • Final EMC test verifying reduction or elimination of risk.
  • Provide defined options; offering permanent solutions.

For detailed information on the methods used to obtain this crucial information, please see the following pages:

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