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Percept provides you with objective crucial information about your product design to ensure you meet your schedule and that your product is your customer’s first choice. We do the tasks you and your product engineering team doesn’t have the time, expertise or desire to do. Percept uncovers problems that aren’t obvious and recommends solutions.

We partner with your engineering to confirm the design and overall performance. In addition, we arm your marketing team with competitive intelligence which leads to success in the marketplace. Percept offers vital information based on the stage of development you are currently in. Here are the ways we can help you and your engineering and marketing teams:                                                                                                         Call Today for your    FREE Consultation!      303.444.7480

  • Competitor and Supplier Evaluations
  • Reliability and Compliance Risks
  • Identification of Margins and Compliance Exposure
  • Demonstrated Product Life
  • Demonstrated Competitive Advantages
  • Improvements from Field Failures

What Are the Benefits?

  • Meet schedules
  • Get to market faster with a well defined product
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Gain confidence and understanding
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Save time and money 


  • Exposure of product strengths and weaknesses, and market needs
  • Demonstration of competitive advantage
  • Identification of compliance exposure
  • Verification of technical limitations, performance, and reliability
  • Validation of product lifetime and durability
  • Preparation for global certification




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