What is EMC Testing?

Doing pre-scans prior to formal EMC testing is a great way to avoid retests.EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing is the process of measuring the electromagnetic emissions produced from an electronic product. Testing products for EMC will ensure that they do not disrupt other devices or are not prevented from operating correctly due to electromagnetic interference or EMI. 

EMC Certification

Before an electronic product can be sold, all electronics must be issued an EMC Certification. EMC testing is a legal requirement for all electronics products sold in most countries. Knowing your product will pass formal EMC tests can save you a substantial amount of money. Certified EMC laboratories are expensive and schedule is limited, Percept recommends using our facility to conduct pre-scans and prepare for formal EMC certification testing.       Call today for your            FREE Consultation!              303.444.7480                                                   Back to EMC Diagnosis    & Mitigation

EMC Risk Assessment and Testing

If done during the design cycle of the development phase for a product, EMC risk assessment and testing will help identify any components that are emitting electromagnetic properties. An EMC pre-scan of a product for electromagnetic emissions leads to product modification to eliminate emissions before a required formal EMC test is performed.

Percept’s experienced engineering teams offer pre-scans throughout the entire development process of any product.

EMC Diagnostic & Product Improvement

Through the use of EMC pre-scanning, Percept diagnoses EMC tests failures in order to implement changes needed to produce a working model that confidently passes all formal EMC tests.

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