What is Accelerated Life Testing and Why is it Important?

This picture demonstrates the damage that can occur during an accelerated life test. Accelerated life testing (or ALT) is testing that expedites the time it takes to predict how long your product will typically last as is if it were being used by your customers. The most valuable information a company can have about its product is the knowledge of how a product performs in the hands of its customers. By using accelerated life tests, a form of reliability testing, we can provide data showing how well a product works, how long it will last and how it will fail in the future. Determining product life expectancy before a product goes to production will prevent frustration and unnecessary additional warranty costs which decrease a company’s financial bottom line.


 The purpose of Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) is to understand:

  • the prediction of product performance, including the product lifetime.
  • to understand the cost differences and effects that individual components have on a product’s lifetime.

Accelerated Life Testing requirements for contractual reasons.

Contract agreements between the supplier and manufacturer, for example, may require Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to be performed to determine what product guarantees and warranties can be offered to the customer. Knowing this information helps a company obtain the proper staffing needed to handle warranty claims properly.  Without this knowledge provided by an accelerated life test, the company may be over or under staffed leading to financial uncertainty that can be prevented.      Call today for your            FREE Consultation!                 303.444.7480                                                        Back to             Product Life

Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to understand financial outcomes.

Before any product is distributed to the consumer, knowing that a product contains the most effective components for function and pricing could mean the difference between success and failure for a company. In many cases, any one component could add significant cost to the product but does not add any positive impact on the lifetime. Perhaps a cheaper alternative will decrease cost without sacrificing quality for a product whole. Accelerated Life Testing can determine the best components to use with the product without a timed delay to understand the effects of varying components.

Benefits of Accelerated Life Testing

  • Producing a quality product that will last well past the warranty period.
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs.
  • Know the exact number of technical support staff to hire
  • Better understanding of market price for your product
  • Improve company and product reputation
  • Offer extended warranty programs with confidence
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