Stage 4: Product Validation | Accelerated Life | Shipping Impact 

During the validation stage, Percept confirms your product's reliability performance and helps understand shipping impact.The fourth stage, Validation, consists of a pre-production prototype or process. This is where manufacturing techniques are developed and market validity is established.

You may find yourself asking:

  • How long will my product last?
  • Does it support my warranty period?
  • Is it reliable enough?
  • Does the packaging keep it from being damaged during shipment?
  • What do I need to pass formal EMC testing after a failure?

 How can Percept help?

Percept can give you an objective look at how reliable your product is through Demonstration of Product Life. We can present an idea of how long it will last in the customer’s hands. In addition, we help you determine your failure rate and ways to reduce costs. Percept can determine how strong your packaging is by showing your Shipping Impact.Call today for your FREE             Consultation!                     303.444.7480         Product Life                Shipping Impact         Compliance Management

Compliance Crisis Management we are all too familiar with. With a findings report in hand, you may be struggling to find the next step.... Fearing a schedule slip, you give us a call.... Or you are just about ready to take your product to market when you realize you haven’t prepared or even thought about the compliance regulations for your product. Either way, Percept saves the day with easing a compliance crisis.

What’s In it For You?

  • Avoid customer complaints by setting an accurate warranty period
  • Save your reputation by producing quality products with unbiased proof that they last as long as you say they will
  • Save money by choosing cost effective packaging without losing quality
  • Lower warranty costs by reducing the chance a customer will be returning their new product
  • Ensure customer service and maintain reputation by proving your packaging is durable
  • Avoid schedule slips in order to get your product to market faster
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