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Using Percept’s team, this customer discovered their product failed in high temperatures, enough to melt the soldering on the printed circuit board.By having Percept evaluate your product’s maximum limits compared to the actual limits during use, we can help you determine how cost effective your product’s reliability is. Having a reliable product is important; however choosing the least expensive way in getting reliability is key to a successful product.

Percept has the ability to show you the first thing to fail under extraordinary conditions and prove your product reacts to abnormal stresses just as you expect it will.    Call today for your               FREE Consultation!               303.444.7480                                                      Back to Stage 3: Development

Having a bridge between early development and early production certainly assists in the arrival of a quicker, more mature product. With Percept effectively shortening the revision cycles, you are ensured to have a reliable product to market on schedule.


What Are the Benefits?

  • Ensures customer satisfaction by confirming your product’s reliability
  • Saves valuable engineering time by reducing the amount of revision cycles
  • Arrive at a more mature product quickly
  • Save money by choosing cost effective parts for your product without sacrificing quality


  • Evaluation of the components’ operating limits in your product
  • Determination of your limit and suggestions in reducing costs
  • Expose the weak link in your product
  • Proof your product reacts to abnormal stresses as expected

For detailed information on the methods used to obtain this crucial information, please see the following pages:

HALT testing

Derating Analysis

Environmental Testing


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