Confirming Product Performance | Design Verification 

Percept's Confirmation of Product Performance helps you set your customer's expectations by showing your product will do what you say it will.Percept’s Confirming Product Performance starts with the development of a plan describing how your product should work for your customers. Once the plan is created, an evaluation of how it actually performs and the specific methods used are confirmed. Understanding the differences in what you want your product to do and what it actually does can lead to improvements to your product making the overall performance that much better.

Percept helps you set your customer’s expectations by showing your product is going to do what you say it will… and have the unbiased proof to back it up.          Call today for a               FREE Consultation!                  303.444.7480                                               Back to Stage 3: Development 

What Are the Benefits?

  • Unbiased proof your product says it will do what you say it will which ensures you will have satisfied customers
  • Unbiased exposure of your products strengths and opportunity to improve performance
  • Build comparison to competitor
  • Combine with test results from a competitor’s product for powerful selling tool


  • Clear definition of your product’s behavior
  • Evaluation of your product’s actual performance and the specific techniques used
  • Interpretation of the results showing what the differences are between how you expect your product to work and how it actually works
  • Clarification of product specifications
  • Opportunity for improvements

For detailed information on the methods used to obtain this crucial information, please see the following pages:

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Vibration Testing

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