Stage 3: Product Development | Performance | Reliability | EMC

Product verification and EMC mitigation are two of Percept's offerings in product development.

During the development stage, a prototype is established. Improvements in materials, designs and processes usually begin in this stage. Product performance is also confirmed at this time.

You may find yourself asking:

  • What are my product’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Does my product work like I expect?
  • Could it be improved effectively?
  • Will it pass formal EMC tests?
  • Are the critical components documented for (UL)?

How can Percept help?

Percept’s Confirmation of Product Performance gives you an unbiased look at how well your product performs. We can also offer suggestions for improvement. In addition, we can conduct an EMC Diagnosis and Mitigation. We take our compliance pre-scans to the next level in following up with solutions to issues we detect. Furthering our reliability journey, we offer an Identification of Reliability Margins showing you your product’s strengths, weaknesses and follow up suggestions for improvement.       Call today for your             FREE Consultation!               303.444.7480                                               Product Performance                EMC Mitigation                  Reliability Margins

What’s In it For You?

  • Unbiased proof your product says it will do what you say it will which ensures you will have satisfied customers
  • Exposure of your products strengths and data to improve performance
  • Build comparison to competitor
  • Combine with test results from a competitor’s product for a powerful selling tool
  • Save valuable engineering time allowing your engineers to work on other tasks in order to meet deadlines
  • Reduces risk so that there are no unexpected surprises at formal testing
  • Avoids schedule slips in order to get your product to market faster
  • Ensures customer satisfaction by confirming your product’s reliability
  • Saves valuable engineering time by reducing the number of revision cycles
  • Arrive at a more mature product quickly
  • Save money by choosing cost effective parts for your product without sacrificing quality
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