Confirmation of Competitor's Performance | Competitive Analysis 

In the conceptual stage of product development, it’s important to understand the needs of the market, along with what your competitor’s already have out there. Percept offers an opportunity to verify your competition’s specifications… How accurate are they? We can expose their weaknesses and find what they aren’t telling you about their product.        Call today for your              FREE Consultation!                                                   303.444.7480                                                           Back to                                  Stage 1 - Design

Percept gives you the ability to make informed decisions early in product development. This is vital in getting your product to market quickly and saving money.  The data provided by Percept helps answer questions like: What kind of design tradeoffs can you afford to make?

What Are The Benefits?

  • Save money on development by having the ability to make informed decisions on design tradeoffs
  • Save time by developing a superior product
  • Increase sales by being able to expose your competitor’s weakness
  • Unbiased, third party data to back up the information


  • Verify your competitor’s specifications are real and accurate
  • Understand what conditions their specs exist in
  • Expose weaknesses and limitations to their specs
  • Find out what your competition is leaving out of their specifications
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