What are Safety Certifications for electronic products?

Safety certifications are the labels and/or documents verifying all necessary regulatory compliance requirements have been met in order for a product to be sold legally.  In Canada and Europe, products require both EMC Testing and Safety Testing before they can be labeled for sale. In the U.S., many organizations, government agencies or large companies will not purchase a product without a safety certification.

Will your product meet Regulatory Compliance requirements?

Just because an inventor created a consumer electronic device, doesn’t mean that they can instantly go to market. There are many requirements to be met before a product is considered safe and certified. Let Percept help your product designers with a means to check your product meets regulatory compliance before formal testing. Should the device miss the mark with any regulations, we can help diagnose and offer solutions to help the product meet standards. Not only can we save you money from expensive formal retesting, we can ensure your product will pass regulation standards the first time.        Call today for your             FREE Consultation!                 303.444.7480                                                           Back to                          EMC Diagnosis &            Mitigation 

Our electrical EMC and Safety testing lab can help discover if a consumer electronic is safe for the following and most common US certifications and international conformity markings:

The FCC certification is a compliance requirement to sell products in the United States.FCC – Federal Communications Commission | US Market

 Telecommunications | Licensed RF Equipment | Transmitters (low power)

The CE Mark is necessary for product sales in the European market.

 CE – Conformité Européenne | European Market


 Electrical Directives | Toy Safety  Directives

UL is a safety compliance requirement for product sales in the United States.

 UL –  Underwriters Laboratory | US Market


Electrical Safety | Standards Practices |  OSHA

We provide a written report that includes mitigation advice and pretest recommendations. Our goal is to help you understand which safety tests are likely to fail and provide you with a strategy for passage at the formal test agencies. This information greatly increases the chance for success.

Percept helps with Safety Certifications and Regulatory Compliance by:

  • Determining and affirming the appropriate standard
  • Reviewing critical documentation requirements
  • Reviewing specific required certified markings on the product
  • A physical evaluation and function testing of the product

How much does it cost to do a Safety Certification and Regulatory Compliance?

Formal safety certification test are costly, especially if the product has to be resubmitted due to previous failures. Money spent for engineering tests prior to formal safety testing is less expensive in the long run than submitting products for Regulatory Compliance testing resulting in a failure. Besides, formal test agencies simply test and report findings. They are not allowed (or required) to provide mitigation advice to bring a product up to standards. For as little as 25% of the cost for formal tests, Percept offers a pre-scan of your product, along with mitigation and recommendations for successful first time safety certifications.

Products sold internationally: Meeting Conformity Directives

If your product will be sold in other countries, you must be aware of the other standards and conformities your electronic product must pass. Knowing the extensive compliance regulations each country requires is a daunting task. Picking a regulatory and safety testing lab that understands the differences is vital to getting your product mastered. Percept understands these regulatory compliances and can help identify what will pass and what will not in each country that your product will be sold. We can help sift through the extra paperwork and ever changing testing requirements needed throughout the worldwide governments.

Where Can You Go For More Information?

These are a few examples of how we can provide useful information on some areas of certifying electronic products. The standards and regulations vary from product to product and are dependent on the components within. Many of these standards are pages, sometimes in the hundreds of pages, in length and Percept already knows these in detail to save you time and money.

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