Demonstration of Product Life

Percept’s findings in this product life demonstration saved this customer thousands in support costs.Percept’s Demonstration of Product Life will give you data showing how long your product will last. Knowing when your product is going to wear out compared to its warranty period allows you to make informed decisions regarding replacement costs. If your product is going to last too long, it may mean that you have used costly parts and could save money by replacing them with less expensive ones.       Call today for your             FREE Consultation!              303.444.7480                                                          Back to Stage 4: Validation

Having a complete understanding of your product’s expected lifetime without having to wait a lifetime is vital to product development. Percept can speed up the process and give you a glimpse in to the future of your product, giving you control of the overall costs and quality.


What Are the Benefits?

  • Gain control over margins
  • Maintain profits by using the most cost effective components in your product
  • Avoid customer complaints by setting an accurate warranty period
  • Save your reputation by producing quality products and unbiased proof that they last as long as you say they will


  • Development of a plan to determine your product’s lifetime
  • Execution of the plan to find out the number of failures you will have versus your overall production (failure rate)
  • Validation of your warranty period

For detailed information on the methods used to obtain this crucial information, please see the following pages:

Accelerated Life Testing

Environmental Testing

Temperature and Humidity

Shock Testing

Vibration Testing

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