Services Offered

Percept’s Services¬†

The services offered by Percept enables an engineering partnership to speed up the product development process and reduce overall costs. Our services are complementary to the most common engineering functions. When companies outsource to Percept, it allows their development engineers to focus on form, function and performance of their products.

The services offered by Percept are helpful in every aspect of product development.

The services offered by Percept encourage an engineering partnership throughout the entire development process.

Percept’s services offered include engineering support and product testing in the following areas:

Why Use Percept’s Services?

  • Keep on schedule.
  • Free up your engineers for more focused tasks.
  • Objective look to identify potential product weaknesses before they become critical.

Our services can help you overcome limited resources. Using Percept also allows companies to utilize their employees in the most productive manner. Releasing a product that has been fully tested can greatly enhance your products chance of success in the market, help minimize risk and deliver critical release time confidence.

Percept is able to run accurate, unbiased tests to show you exactly where your product outperforms your competitors and what areas of your product should be targeted for improvement in the most cost effective approach.