Are you…

  • An engineering manager whose team is up against an impossible schedule?
  • A project manager who just doesn’t have the man power in your engineering department?
  • A marketing executive who needs to know how your product TRULY stacks up against the competition?
  • A VP of product engineering who needs confidence that your new product will pass certification the first time through?
  • A director of engineering looking to purchase a supplier’s component to use in your product?


Then Percept may be the perfect partner for you!

Percept provides you with objective crucial information about your product design. We do the tasks you and your product engineering team don’t have the time, expertise or desire to do. In addition, we uncover problems that aren’t obvious and recommend solutions. 


Meet Schedules.
Get to Market Faster.
Leverage Your Strengths.

  • Stage 1: DesignLearn More


    Percept can expose weaknesses and compare strengths by confirming your competitor’s product specifications. Learn More
  • Stage 2: FeasibilityLearn More


    We can help you determine and what to consider in the parts you are thinking of using. Learn More
  • Stage 3: DevelopmentLearn More


    Percept gives an unbiased look at how well your product performs. Learn More
  • Stage5: ValidationLearn More


    We can give you an idea of how long your product will last and how reliable it is. Learn More
  • Stage 5: ProductionLearn More


    Percept objectively shows your product vs. the competition. Learn More
  • Stage 6: Support Learn More


    We can help you find out why a failure is happening and offer solutions or improvements. Learn More

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